We Create History

Author:  Charandeep Singh
ISBN: 978-81-925837-0-9


An tale of honour and sacrifice

Arjun makes a decision. He joins the band of brave warriors. Fed up with injustice, tyranny and atrocities as also the cruel hollow rituals around him, he sees a ray of hope in the group.

We Create History, set in 18th century Punjab is the story of brave Kishan, Gurpal, Satya, Mansoor and Arjun who have taken up arms, as a last resort, against the misrule and foreign invasions. On the one hand they fight against the oppression of Ahmed Shah Abdali, the cruelty of the subedar and his henchmen and on the other against the societal evils. They dream and strive for a peaceful and just world free from despotism and inequality.

Will they succeed in their endeavor and be able to defeat the evil designs?

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