The Norms, Culture & Traditions of the Moru People

Author: Roba Gibia
ISBN: 978-1-926780-43-6


The objective of this book is to display the unique norms, culture, traditions, and customs of the Moru people of South Sudan. Thus, this book serves as the first documented reference for the lifestyle of the Moru community, their early beliefs, traditional rituals, informal education, communal activities, and the postwar contemporary Moru culture and traditions. It is a unique approach to enlighten and alert the Moru people that their rich culture, traditions, and norms, handed down by their ancestors, stand to disappear. It is a call for action to preserve this unique lifestyle of one of the indigenous South Sudanese African tribes.

About the Author

Roba Gibia was born in Singo, southern Sudan. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Education from Ain Shams University, Egypt. He is the author of John Garang and the Vision of New Sudan. He writes on Sudan affairs and publishes widely in newspapers in Sudan and websites of the Sudan Tribune, Khartoum Monitor, Gurtong Peace Trust, Google International News, and Sudan Monitor magazine in Uganda.

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