Panwar Media specializes in the originating and typesetting of books and journals of all areas.
Our experienced and skilled typesetters handle page make-up of complex math formulas, chemistry, physics, medicine, phonetics, complicated tables and other scientific books and journals with ease. We undertake composition projects for both Windows and Macintosh Platforms.

Our strengths include the capability to deal with original material provided by the client in almost any file format. We have developed a reputation for high quality, flexibility, innovative techniques and personalized service.

The various packages used are Quark Xpress, Adobe Indesign, Page Maker, Frame Maker, Ventura and MS-Word

We offer No-Risk No-Obligation FREE TRIAL to new clients.

Features Projects

  • The Norms, Culture & Traditions of the Moru People

Latest Projects

  • We Create History
  • Lesson from Remand
  • Jewish Journey Near Jerusalem