E-Publishing Services

Electronic publishing services include the digital publication of e-books and electronic articles, and the development of digital libraries and catalogs. E-publishing has become popular in scientific publishing where distribution is easy and publishers can leverage the power of the internet for additional revenue stream.

Expertise in XML, XPATH, XSLT, XSLFO

  • XSL Style Sheet Creation
  • Parsing, Validations and Testing
  • Document analysis and DTD Creation
  • Maintenance and enhancement of DTDs
  • Conversion of Legacy Data to XML
  • Capture Header files for Online Publications in any Mark-up Languages (SGML, XML or HTML)

The XML integrated team approach is a pivotal part of our method to deliver success to our clients. Each member plays a key role within our service delivery model, so our clients are assured to receive the most suitable knowledge base for their project.

Dedicated R&D Team – Our R&D team comprises of well experienced IT professionals who are constantly developing tools and utilities while keeping abreast of emerging industry technologies.

DTD Creation

Our team has the expertise in document analysis and DTD creation. Integrity of the specifications provided by publishers is maintained with the utmost care. We can create DTDs for Math, Science, Technical, Legal and other types of publications.

CD-Rom Publishing

We apply our IT knowledge and experience to the field of publishing and can help publishers develop customized and searchable databases of books and journals.

E-BOOKS / ePub Conversion

eBook publishing is continually evolving as a popular digital publishing method. We can create an eBook that is compatible with any of the following display formats:

  • iPad
  • OeB
  • Rocketbook
  • SoftBook
  • kindle
  • nook

We can create ebooks from hard copy (including images/Photos and graphics) display and from any electronic format such as: PDF, HTML, FM, Quark, InDesign, MS word, etc.

Features Projects

  • The Norms, Culture & Traditions of the Moru People

Latest Projects

  • We Create History
  • Lesson from Remand
  • Jewish Journey Near Jerusalem