At Panwar Media, we work hard to tailor optimum solutions to suit each client and each project. As professionals, we set clear definitions to understand and map the needs of every project. We assign appropriate workflow, machines and staff and we track the workflow through to its completion. Among our range of services, we offer:


Panwar Media offers the following range of key integrated services for publishers, commissioning editors, typography companies, consumer product companies and a wide range of other businesses in order to meet the demands of traditional publishing and the increasingly popular trend of online publishing.

Our Pre press Services are focused on facilitating the following publishing segments:

  • Scientific Technical & Medical Publishing (STM)
  • Children and Juvenile Books
  • Fiction or Non-fiction Books
  • Legal Publishing
  • Reference Manuals/Encyclopaedias
  • Mathematical Books

Our wide range of professional services to these publishing segments include:

  • Project Management
  • Composition/Typesetting (QuarkXpress, InDesign, LaTex)
  • Structural design and Graphics editing for packaging
  • Artwork Management (color or b&w scanning, redrawing, relabeling, etc)

Page Composition

Panwar Media is a process driven organization, placing great emphasis on workflow automation.

Features Projects

  • The Norms, Culture & Traditions of the Moru People

Latest Projects

  • We Create History
  • Lesson from Remand
  • Jewish Journey Near Jerusalem